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Call us today for a quote.  Catering available Monday thru Saturday only, we are closed Sunday. In-House events are limited to 3 hours of service, a 48 hour advance notice required on any menu change to orders.  9% sales tax and 20% room rental fee is applied to any private event requiring restaurant closure and an additional 18% gratuity. No wine or alcohol permitted on the premises during private parties without prior written consent. Prices are subject to change without notice.  El Camino Mexican Grill is not responsible for any personal belongings which may result lost, stolen or missing.  Guest is responsible for any damages caused to any and all equipment used or facility used by guests during the function, this is to include but not limited to:  vandalism, graffiti or carpet cleaning.  El Camino Mexican Grill reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.


Choose a Package

Classic Buffet:

Any two (2) Entrees $12 per person

Deluxe Buffet:

Any three (3) Entrees $14 per person

El Camino Buffet:

Any four (4) Entrees $16 per person

Choose your Entrees


•Enchiladas      •Fajitas      •Buffalo/BBQ Wings      •Carnitas      •Chile Colorado      •Quesadillas      •Flautas


•Steak Picado     •Chile Verde      •Taquitos      •Tamales     (Shrimp items available at additional cost.)

All packages include the following


•Refried Beans      •Rice      •Chips      •Salsa      •Green Salad      •Salad Dressing      •Seasonal Fruits


•Sour Cream      •Guacamole      •Beverages.

Please Note:

El Camino Mexican Grill is not limited to catering Mexican food.  If you have any specials requests for your event please contact our catering services department.  For your convenience, ECMG also offers Event Coordination Services for more information and rates please contact our Event Coordinator.

Carry-Out Party Trays

Feeds:                 Item:                                                                                                                                Prices:


12-15                    24 Taquito Bites, 15 Quesadillas Wedges, Chips, Salsa & Guacamole                         $65.00


12-15                   Original Nachos Appetizer (Asada, Chicken or Beef $5.00 Extra)                                  $45.00

20-25                   Original Nachos Appetizer (Asada, Chicken or Beef $5.00 Extra)                                  $65.00


12-15                   26 Flauta Pieces - With Sour Cream, Guacamole, Chips & Salsa                                  $45.00


15-18                   Chimichanga Platter (Your Choice:  Chicken or Beef)                                                     $75.00


12-20                   2 Dozen Crispy Tacos (Your Choice:  Chicken or Beef)                                                  $60.00


10-15                   Rice or Beans                                                                                                                  $20.00

20-30                   Rice or Beans                                                                                                                  $30.00

40-50                   Rice or Beans                                                                                                                  $60.00


12                        Enchiladas (Your Choice:  Cheese, Chicken or Beef)                                                     $45.00

24                        Enchiladas (Your Choice:  Cheese, Chicken or Beef)                                                     $80.00


12                        Chiles Rellenos                                                                                                                $70.00

24                        Chiles Rellenos                                                                                                              $130.00


10-15                   Fajitas:  Chicken or Beef (Shrimp $5.00 Extra)                                                               $90.00

20-30                   Fajitas:  Chicken or Beef (Shrimp $5.00 Extra)                                                             $120.00

40-50                   Fajitas:  Chicken or Beef (Shrimp $5.00 Extra)                                                             $170.00


20-30                   Carnitas                                                                                                                         $110.00

40-50                   Carnitas                                                                                                                         $140.00


20-30                   Steak Picado                                                                                                                 $140.00

40-50                   Steak Picado                                                                                                                 $160.00


10-15                   Chile Verde / Chile Colorado                                                                                         $100.00

20-30                   Chile Verde / Chile Colorado                                                                                         $140.00

40-50                   Chile Verde / Chile Colorado                                                                                         $180.00


10-30                   Fruit Platter                                                                                                                      $60.00

40-80                   Fruit Platter                                                                                                                    $130.00


Omar Villanueva

General Manager

(626) 643-1173


George Morales

Catering Cordinator

(562) 464-8808



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